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30th May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

[color=black]Global Spec Ops has opened another session for recruitment and will be recruiting through the month of February 2005. We are a BF1942 DCF / BF2 (when it comes out) clan that caters to the mature player (18 and up). We have our own server which we recently upgraded to and are planning to get another one in January specifically for divisional and TWL team practices, Scrims, and Matches thus allowing us to leave our public server truly public during those times. Our current memberships is a little over 30 at this time and have opened our recruitment to allow another 15 to 20 more players in this session. Come by and sign up in our forums at http://www.gsog.net give us a shout and let us know when you would like to meet with someone about possibly becoming a =GSO= member. [/color][color=black]

We will start sending groups of five (5) starting mid January to early February through our "basic training" process. This training will be more of an evaluation period that we have to analyze your skills and teamwork abilities so that you are put in the division that bests suites you. Don't delay sign up today.

Public DC server is at: (name: Blood & Guts Battlezone DCF) Public Ventrilo server is: (no password) Version 2.1.4 Website: http://www.gsog.net

Come by and give us a try...

Best Regards, =GSO=Bonehead Recruiting Officer [/color]