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11th April 2005

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#1 15 years ago

International Frag Force (IFF) is recruiting for battlefield 1942/Desert Combat and BF Vietnam. As our name suggests we are a clan whos membership is international, and we currently have a members list spanning several continents. We don't just want GREAT players, we are looking to recruit players who can (or are willing to learn to) act as part of a unit/team, specialise and become pro-active within our clan. Our aim is simple - 'Enjoy Yourself' and we carry this philosophy as our primary objective, and this can even surmount winning as we bring our less experienced members through to experience and join in live matchplay. If you are looking to improve your skill set, or to pass on your experience and train new recruits and likeminded players, then we are the clan for you. you are welcome to play on our servers BF1942/Desert Combat: :14567 BFV : :15567 Peak periods are any evening GMT18:00 - L8 L8 L8 Look forward to seeing you on the Battlefield. nb IFF also hosts these additional games Call of Duty ip Soldier of Fortune 2 ip Unreal Turnament 2004 ip Feel free to join our servers for a game at anytime.