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#1 11 years ago
[=BoW=] Brotherhood of War Looking For New Members

We are looking for new members that are truly gamers and enjoy playing games online. We have no age limit but require that you are mature enough to play and have fun.

Our clan just started out and will probably soon expand into the other Battlefield Games (ex:BF2, BF2142)

What we offer:

  • Website: See bottom for link
  • 20 Slot Ventrilo Server: See website or bottom for info on joining
  • Battlefield 1942 20 Slot Server: See site/bottom for info
  • We just started and are looking to expand
  • 5 Respectful and dedicated leaders to help you out in any way

What we expect:

  • Cheat free member
  • Enjoys playing battlefield
  • Has fun playing
  • Respects everyone including non-clan members

Website: Brotherhood Of War - Home Vent: IP: Port:4704

Battlefield 1942 Server IP:

Contact Me At: Website: Brotherhood Of War - Home (Under Construction) E-Mail: [email][/email] X-Fire: slademaster

Hope you decide to join us, thanks for your time