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Hello Slademaster here just letting all you BF1942 Players that still play this wonderful game...

The Ruckus Games Community is looking for players who still play this game, even if your in a clan or not you are still welcomed as we are not a clan but a community of people. Basically we play Battlefield 1942 at a diffrent angle to experience battlefield in a diffrent way then a regular Conquest, CTF, etc... Right now we are just in the base of BF1942 and are thinking of expanding to other games in the near future but for this to happen we need members. We are looking for quality members who have been playing bf1942 for quite a while.

Heres an explanation on who we are...

What were are is pretty simple. Think about a small town or community everyone has a job to do, everyone has to do their part for the community's survival. Some people's part is bigger than others but in the end it all amounts to one goal, survival. In this case we are talking about a community of gamers (players) who are all dedicated to one thing, each other. Now this community is a group of players that have experienced the wrath of the fast paced gaming world. With that in mind you realize as a gamer that games lose there excitement after awhile in the general gaming community, and lets face it if a game is not doing it for you in the single player mode, you look to the multi player side of things. If a lot of people or players are online and on servers you have a choice and can choose where you want to play. If the game is of no interest to the general gaming community the game losses players, so basically in this sense the game and the peoples interest in that game play a huge part in its popularity. Thats why in this Ruckus Gaming Community we are trying to get quality members that realize there is a different angle to this, I know this sounds weird but bare with me for we have been kicking around this idea for almost a year now. This different angle focuses on the people (players) as a whole. It is a elite group of members that are not the best players so to speak by how many kills or points they can rack up in an hour, but rather a community of thinkers and people that can work together on one common goal to have fun. No matter what is being done or what game is being played or what manner it is being played, if everyone or most people are having fun then that is what we are after, and the more people that join and realize this the better the game play. To start off this quest of finding these people we invite you to our first game of interest, BF1942. We have chosen this game because of its versatility in what one person or a team of people can do. I know its an old ass game, but really is it the game that really holds people together in a common quest to have fun or is it because your friend Johny G is playing. Think about it just for a moment in all your time playing a game what ever it is, its the people that keep it rolling. In this community we are going to expand on ways of having fun in different games for now its going to be mostly BF1942 but in the future we hope to extend this to other games. Again we don't want quantity of people we want quality members. People who can think outside the box for a change or rather think outside there kill to death ratio and individual score. Just to get you to understand what we mean we have some exercises in BF1942 that we would love to run with you, and you have a say in if they totally suck or not haha. Yes you can come up with your own exercises and have them tested among your fellow community members, and yes if you are part of a clan we don't care we will take you in. This is not a clan, this is a community of players again to have fun, and who knows maybe you can go up against your rival clan. Just remember if the style of game play is still in place at our community that is how you have to play against your rival clan. Yes we will have open playing too but if the general community wants to run exercises than thats what we will do. Remember fun is our goal not personal vendettas,also we do not tolerate cheaters we believe that if one person cheats it causes a chain reaction and it will be dealt with swiftly so as not to disturb the community's happiness. Now you ask yourself why does this even matter, well if you don't understand then just try and if you don't like it then you don't have to join we wont hold it against you we are all adults. We would rather have 10 people that want to play in our community than 30 that don't.

Thank you for your time and we hope you decide to join =) Visit: The Ruckus Games

Or our Vent Info if you wish to speak with us at: Hostname or IP: Port: 3920 Password: ruckus

Or Add me to xfire my username: slademaster or ruckusbringa Again Thank you for your time =)


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#2 10 years ago

I was thinking about rebuying the game, whats the server name and you should just make it public with no password, get more players :beer: