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6th January 2004

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#1 16 years ago

I have an Idea for the BASIS of a new SUPER CLAN! Ok, we all see clan recruiting for " Helio clan needs piolits " etc. What you dont see is a clan that has a really good artilliery unit, engineers to re-supply/heal air and ground units, scouts that know how to place a camera in the best positions, Combat Air patrol piolits that offer protection to helio piolits who are already "SOFTENING" advancing enemys for their ground units. First, I would like to start with Artillery, which I think needs the most help. Artillery is always overlooked because in a one on one situation it is near useless and by nature, people will always want to do the killing by themselves. If an artillery unit works as a team, the results could be devestating. I would need at least 5-7 (+ me) people. I do play DC but I prefer DCX. So we have 2 gunners for either the M-109 Palidin or M1974 howitzers, 2 drivers who could also switch 'positions' inside the vehicle for AA with the .50cal ( DCX has 3 positions in the howitzers, the 3 is the .50cal in the turrent ). The team would probably do best if they were engineers so that they can heal other team members or repair the vehicles. Some of the team could also have the AA kit too with stingers AA missles. The last 2 guys could scout using a single Humvee ( one drives, the other drops cameras or works the .50cal on top ) and in worse case senerio resupply or rescue members of the artillery battery. The scouts could also use 'Little Bird' Helios as position 2 spots for artillery. In close quarters the howitzers arent so good for fighting. But, if they were in far corners of maps, they would ( 2 of them plus engineers with mortars and mines ) be able to defend themselves quite well I would think. Plus, most ground units dont want to STRAY FROM THE FRAY and check out a hunch that would potentially put them at risk from aircraft. If we could establish an organized artillery team, we could then move on to say tanks or helios. To be good at this game, we must fight together and use strategy and warfare tactics. Im quite excited about this! If it doesnt go anywere OH WELL. I guess that you will see me trying not to get shot by my own guys that will kill you for an APACHE. So, here it is! IM looking for 5-7 MATURE people ( I dont care how old you are, I just want mature players ) that could play 1-2 hours min. a day and are interested in team warfare and fun! Im not the boss, ALL OPINIONS COUNT. If you have an idea, lets hear it! Im recruiting for an ARTILLERY/SCOUT/SUPPORT/ENGINEER team. Its not just riflemen that win wars, the guy that heals him or fixes his tank are just as important! I already have 2 recruits that Im working with and things are looking good!!! If you are interested?!?!? mail me [email=""][/email] You dont have to be awsome! You just have to be willing! WE use teamspeak for battlefield communication and organization. We dont have a name. When we are ready, we will have a democratic vote. YOU ARE THE CLAN!!!!!


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8th December 2004

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#2 16 years ago

Are you guys only a DC clan? I like your ideas. I'm starting just a good ole BF1942 clan. Would you consider switching over? We have 5 people so far, if you guys joined we would be 8 and could start playing together and getting a server, webpage up etc.