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19th May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

[color=black][color=red]A[color=blue]ny[/color]one In Rtcw [color=orange]Wanting To Join[/color] A Clan Can Ask [color=blue]Me On Our[/color] Message Boa[color=blue]rd[/color] At:[/color] thesodsitertcw.[color=slategray]proboards30[/color].com. [color=red]If You [color=blue]Plan To Be[/color] A Cocky Bit[color=blue]ch[/color] Though,[/color] Just Don't Even Come To Tryout, [color=red]I'm [color=blue]Tired Of[/color] People Thin[color=blue]ki[/color]ng They Are [color=orange]Better Than Everyone[/color] Else And If [color=blue]You Have[/color] That Attitu[color=blue]de[/color],[/color] Then I Would [color=slategray]Tell You No[/color] On The Spot! [color=red]P.S. [color=blue]We Are[/color] 1.0.[/color][/color]