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#1 13 years ago

Eya! :) I'm a member of Team Revolution and I'm going to set up a clan with some friends of me when BF2 comes out You are able to join in you live somewhere in Europe. We think a clan is a team, one like a family. If you're thinking the same as us, then contact us!

We will: -Have a Site

-Have a server

-Have training 2 days in a week or more

-Be active in Clan -and funwars

-Register on a clansite like Clanbase, ESL or something (one with no cheaters)

-Not cheat

-Not spam on the servers and we have respect to other gamers

-Find a sponsor

If you are interested in Team Revolution, mail me to: [email=""][/email] Or go to our site ( ) and post a messege on the forum!

You need to send me this list please:

Nickname: Name: Email / msn: Site (optional): Favo class (special ops, anti-tank, assault, medic, engineer, support, sniper): Special note (optional):

Our site: , this site is for a short time, we'll get a better one

Thanx:naughty: my xfire: zapxor