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#1 16 years ago

Hello all, I'm from TitleChasers a European Battlefield 1942 clan with over 2 years of BF experience. BF2Recruit.gif We are currently preparing to make the shift over to Battlefield 2 when it's released early next year and thought it would be a good idea to get our recruitment drive started to build our clan up ready for the new game. We are looking for people who like a laugh and enjoy playing FPS's, experience with BF42 or BFV isn't necessary but it helps. If you like the look of Battlefield 2 and f you like the look of BF2 and want to get a head start on the clan scene we may just be the clan for you. We like to play as a team for fun over all else. Until BF2 comes out we shall be playing regular Battle Field 1942 matchs so if you have BF42 you will have something to do until BF2 comes out but BF42 isnt a necessity. If you want a taste of TC now and delay your decision until you are sure BF2 is the game for you drop by our Forums or our IRC channel: #tc42 on Qnet. Our website is http://www.titlechasers.com . We hope to see you around the place. Have a good new year and heres to BF2!


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Uhm, I've experienced you TC guys, it wasnt exactly fun when I was there. You were more acting like a bunch of immature kids... Untill the game started, then there was some kinda teamwork.... Thats what I remember, was 2 years ago so I know you got 2 years of gaming experience :P