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#1 15 years ago

are you angry about that all is running to BF2 but you want to play Bf42 forever? The World-Conflict's-Clan (WCC) will play Bf42 for a looooong time!

The WCC has decleared it's intension to become a internation clan now that they have reached 50 members of which 20% are NON-German member's consisting of people from:

-Great Britiain -Netherlands -Belgium -Sweden -Norway -Finland -Denmark

Because of these members and the clan's intensions to become a International clan the official language is now set to English in Wars, Training and officers meetings ETC ETC.

If you are looking for/interested in joining a international clan here are some fact's about the WCC:

-We have our own dedicated server for: Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam and Counter Strike: Source we also have an own Team Speak server (Unsecured) -We are a very active community with our own homepage, news and forum -We have a military structure from Private to General -We give out medals to member's that fight hard and win wars. -We are active in clan leages including the "ESL". -Our clan Membership is totally free. -We have been a active clan for over a year.

Our Section's: -Battlefield 2 (coming up) -Counter-Strike: Source (20 members) -Battlefield Vietnam (15 members) -Battlefield 1942 (15 members)

What we are looking for: -Skilled players that can join our future elite teams. -Member's with good leadership skills to reinforce the clan leadership and our military structure.

ofcourse you can also become a member if you have no skills or experience on the Battlefield or with clans, because we are planning a Military Academy where we can Instruct our less skilled members in the "Art Of War"

Our intension is to double our current member count, from 50 to 100. joining is easy: all you have to do is just post a thread in the relevent forum on our board:


Till then!! WCC*Lipton, Clan recruitment officer.