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14th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

World Force is a group started in 1998 with members from around the world and is active in many games, including the new Ground Control 2, Axis vs. Allies, and Tribes Vengence. We also play many other games such as Starcraft, Command and Conquer Generals, Warzone 2100, and Battlefield 1942. We are always looking for new members to join us. Right now specifically we are recruiting Desert Combat players. We have many spots open and are looking for you! Please contact me via email at [email=""][/email] and visit us at on the web. We will try out any player with any type of experience, but we are mostly searching for players who are mature, team players, and looking to have a good time. We have our own server for practices and matches and will conduct some of our tryouts there. Also, you may post here if interested, for I will be checking the thread. Come join us and have a good time! When submitting an email, please include the following information: First Name: Player Name: Age: Location (for timezones): Email: MSN name: (this is how we stay in touch) Months playing Desert Combat .3 or greater: Specialty (optional): (ie. tank commander, ground heavy support, helo pilot, ect.) Other Games you play: