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4th October 2003

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#31 17 years ago

The Canadians pitched in just like the rest of the Allies.

I think they deserve a map or two of their own. imho


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5th October 2003

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#32 17 years ago

I don't try and sound like I know what the Canadians contributed to the war beyond the manpower. You have to realize that countries like USA, Britain, Australia, Japan, Germany, and Russia will likely be recognized more for their large amount of battles and multiple fronts they fought on. Not to forget the troops, supplies, equipment, and vehicles contributed by some of the larger countries so these other countries had the additional or any equipment to fight in the war.

I believe Canada should be in the mod at some point, as well as some other countries that should be in the mod.

Also, didn’t Canada test chemical weapons on thousands of its own troops without telling them prior what they had assigned them for? I remember reading that awhile ago, but like other things I never really explored what Canada’s contributions where in WW2 beyond the manpower.


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29th April 2003

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#33 17 years ago

Dont forget about the Yanks that were killed and captured at Dieppe too, don't want to leave them out ;)

As well Ilythiir, ever think that Juno Commando left Dieppe out of the battles that he thinks would be good since if done accurately would amount to a massacre and would most likely be played extremely rarely? Unless of course they drop the realism and the Canadians/Brits/Americans get tanks ashore and have no trouble on the beach.

Lastly, if you were trying to make Dieppe look bad look at the following figures: Dieppe: total of fatal casualties was 56 officers and 851 other ranks. Canadian casualties of all categories aggregated 3369 from one source, from another: 3,363 Canadians and 607 Commandos became casualties. The destroyer Berkley was sunk, 33 landing-craft and 106 British aircraft were lost

Compare that to Battle of the Bulge: 81,000 American casualties, including 23,554 captured and 19,000 killed

And dont forget the Dieppe raid wasn't planned all that well either.

"stop trying to use FH as a plattform for the glorification of your country" If wanting a few maps in is glorifying your country, why not? So far it only "glorifies" Britain, the US, Russia, Germany, Japan...Why not add a few more? It might even help you to realize that just because Canadians fought in the Italian campaign and often with the British they did fight. Let me guess, you think that Canadians didn't do much in WWI either right?

The Canadians fought hard in the Italian campaign, and I think a few maps in Italy and a few in Europe would satisfy most of us. As for uniforms/equipment/vehicles, I'm not certain, but I think a lot of them could just be different skins of the Brit/American stuff.

Also I think adding the British and Australians into the South Pacific theater on some maps would be nice, maybe a North African or SoPac map (or three) were the Allies are Indian (Sikh or Gurkas), etc. A lot of the smaller participants in WWII gave a large number of lives considering how many people were fighting from the country. For example, this is from a site about Sikh divisions, a section of 1 Sikh I believe. "The Japanese were holding a knife-edge hill feature and putting up stiff resistance. The only way to approach the hill was by means of a narrow track. On this track leading the attack was the section commanded by Naik Nand Singh. When the section reached the crest it came under heavy machinegun fire and every man in the section was killed or wounded" The section commander went on to do enough damage (after being wounded) that the rest of the platoon could charge the positions and take the position. "Naik Nand Singh wounded six times in the assault literally carried the position single-handed. For his valour an immediate award of Victoria Cross was bestowed upon him. The company commander Maj. John Brough was awarded the DSO and the platoon commander Jemadar Mehr Singh the IOM. Two IDSMs were also awarded for this attack " I've also read in several history books of Indian infantry (divisions I think, but possibly something smaller) that were surrounded by Germans in North Africa and who fought to the last man, among other places.