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22nd May 2007

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#1 5 years ago


The last news about the "Intestate 82" mod is long time a go.

But the modding for it dont stop.

The Map creator and dev GoodDayToDie from the IS 82 Website, to build with her Team a lot of time new maps and updates for you.

The fans making lot of maps from time to time, today i will give you a check in:

New Map HILLSUNG: (Source of the pictures:



After the Tsunami:



Church Fever:



New ready map "Operation Good Day":


Download: operation_good_day.rar

All maps please install into the example direction: C://Program Files (x86)/EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942/Mods/Interstate/archive/bf1942/levels

Interstate 82 Mod and more Download: Battlefield 1942 [ISR] INTERSTATE RACING - IS82 FOR BF1942 - INTERSTATE 82 MOD

Server living for play with other Gamer together too! I will give you the Server Ip for connect:

Best time for play is in the europe morning times begin and play between 00am CET - 4am CET, please check yout Timzone.

I have meet the last days 6 Players there which have fun in the Conquest mode.

For a nice small talk about the mod and maps please visit: Battlefield 1942 [ISR] INTERSTATE RACING - IS82 FOR BF1942 - INTERSTATE 82 MOD: Forum