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22nd May 2007

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#1 7 years ago

Here's what I've added for v3.0 thus far. Wicked Wake with redone lightmaps. Gives an idea as to how the rest of the maps will appear as I've redone all the lightmaps in DDS format and the look of all the maps except for a couple winter maps will look different then how they appeared in v2.5:

Battlefield Heroes'42: Wake Island 2.0 - YouTube

Buey lights in Perilous Port will flash off and on and will be a new feature to the mod. It's not true dynamic lighting, but with some magic with 3DSMax and animated BIK textures, I pulled something real close to that with those. :D

Animated Buey Lights: Battlefield Heroes'42: Dynamic Buoy Lights - YouTube

Boats will have cannons: Battlefield Heroes'42: Boat Cannon Test - YouTube

And the latest addition I finished working on is new flag meshes for the flags used in the CTF game mode:

Battlefield Heroes'42: Animated CTF Flags.... - YouTube

The real game recently had CTF mode added and they used these as the CTF flags. However the main difference with mine is that I animated them and also solved the floating above ground issue they used to have when dropped by a player in the real BFH game.

As for smaller things I've added, I added a ball kick feature so that soccer balls can be kicked around by right clicking withe crosshair near/below the ball when close to the ball and having the ball kick weapon selected:

Battlefield Heroes'42: Ball Kicking - YouTube

This also means the mod now has the 8 slot kit system that is now present in the GFMod.

Full change log so far for v3.0:

Changes in v3.0:

1. Added new winter ambience to non night winter maps.

2. Added new maps: Wicked Wake and Perilous Port.

3. Added more static objects. (for use in Wicked Wake and possible future maps)

4. Added new ambient sound effects for Wicked Wake and Royal Rumble.

5. Added invisble weapon to Soccer Ball widget that will allow players to "kick" the

ball by right clicking while aiming at it (with the Soccer Ball widget equipped that


6. Re-did most lightmaps for most maps. Now uses DDS format lightmaps with better

lighting to look more like BFH.

7. Re-sized level thumbnail frame and level thumbnail. Level thumbnails regenerated

for all maps to account for this change.

8. Major retweak of damage system for all weapons.

9. Redid lightcone mesh of the lighthouse on night maps.

10. Added new boat vehicles for both teams on Wicked Wake. A converted LVCP (skins

courtasy of Christhian from GFMod dev team) for small transport and a converted

version of the boats from Perilous Port for use as mobile base spawns.

11. Flags on fishing boat vehicle (for Royal team only) have been animated to sway

in the wind. :D

12. Improved detail in water textures. Added some small random pixal noise to the

watertemp texture and saved it as two different textures. (each with a different

pattern). This will allow me to turn on water layer scrolling and it adds more

definition to the water without losing the cartoony look of the water. ;D

13. Added alternate uniform colors for body and legs. Will be randomized in manner

similar to customization items.

14. Added new CTF Flags and flagbase from new BFH CTF mode recently added to the

real game.

15. New boat vehicles will now have cannons mounted on a modified mesh copied from

the AA stationary weapon.

16. Removed unneeded AI templates from many buildings and small props as this turned out to be the main source of lag for singleplayer mode. Singleplayer mode should now lag less and more bots can be present without additional lag.

Note that El Alamein will not be ready for the v3.0 release. That is something I'm working on for v3.5 or v4.0.