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22nd May 2007

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We've finished the 222th map and still are wondering if there's a limit in Battlefield 1942

So if you've finished eating BF-3 and want to come back to the old-school games you may test the fun of EoD classic with it's new features.

Some days ago we've reported on the new ingame maps and ike's new surfboard for Charly. Some weapon sounds have been overworked and of course a lot of maps have got AI updates and improvements. Well and here are some new areas to run riot:

Operation Hump has been created by Jackson. It's a remake of Dice's map Hellendoorn and has been completely rebuild. There are planes and helicopters on a closed airfield so noone can use them and it's a pure tank and inf map. We think Jackson doesn't love the pilots very much

Operation Hump operation_humpbriefing.jpg operation_hump3.jpg operation_hump2.jpg operation_hump1.jpg 240hump.jpg operation_hump4.jpg

Snipers never had been preferred in EoD cause sniping can destroy any gameplay fast and easy. So fans of the crosshair will get their thrill in this map.

Snipers 240snipers.jpg snipersbriefing.jpg snipers1.jpg snipers2.jpg snipers3.jpg snipers4.jpg

Based on an idea while watching a movie this map was born:

Bong Son Valley 240bong.jpg bong_son_valleybriefing.jpg bong_son_valley1.jpg bong_son_valley2.jpg bong_son_valley3.jpg bong_son_valley4.jpg

We've got Halong Bay, Danang Bay and Baytown, so we needed a new name for this bay. Cause we didn't find any it's simply called

The Bay 240bay.jpg the_baybriefing.jpg the_bay1.jpg the_bay2.jpg the_bay3.jpg the_bay4.jpg

The end of Vietnam war was reached with the fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975. The map just shows a small part of the city and is 100% fictive.

Fall of Saigon 240fos.jpg fall_of_saigonbriefing.jpg fall_of_saigon1.jpg fall_of_saigon2.jpg fall_of_saigon3.jpg fall_of_saigon4.jpg

Time has come to overwork An Lao Valley. Here's the result:

An Lao Valley 240anlao.jpg an_lao_valleybriefing.jpg an_lao_valley1.jpg an_lao_valley2.jpg an_lao_valley3.jpg an_lao_valley4.jpg

We've got lots of ideas and still are working on some things so release will not be in 2011. Early 2012 seems to be realistic and it will be a full version cause it's too much for a patch file.

(Quelle: eodmod.com)