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The Frogs Will Invade By Air

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2nd October 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Before you read this tread. I will warn you that it will surley need an Software Development Kit (SDK) to do it.

Anyway i thougth that it should be rely nice to extend the menu of choosing classes.

First you Choose side (Of course) Then You Choose between -Airman -Infantry -Sailor -Driver (or something) -Gunner

If you choose Airman Then You will only be able to spawn at an Airport And then the Airman got an "Airforce" Skin.This Class will Also have one parachute. This Class Will equiped with

-Knife -Pistol Maybe something else

This class will only be able to enter

-Airplanes -In the Back of an Truck/Car

If you choose the Infantry Then you will chosse between -Paratropper -Ground Infantry

The Infantry will use the classes and weapons wich already are in game

The Class use the same weapons But use Different models and The Paratropper have one parachute and can only spawn at these "Parachute Spawns" or at an airfield Wich has a Transport Plane. The Paratropper will be able to enter

-Transport planes (C47/Junkers) -In the Back of an Truck/Car

The Ground Infantry will be able to spawn every were but will only be able to enter

-In the Back of an Truck/Car -Landing crafts On the Ships

If you choose the Sailor Class Then this will use soem kind of "Sailor" Model and Will be equiped With

-Knife -Rifle or something

This class will only be able to

-Use all kinds of ships Ships

If You Choose Driver Then You will Be able To Choose between

-Tanker -Tuck/Car Driver

Tanker Will Be equiped with

-Pistol -Rifle/SMG

Tanker is the only one allowed to use the tank (Including the top Machine gun) And Can enter the Back of an Truck/Car

Truck/Car Driver will Be equiped with


This Class will be the only one wich can drive Trucks And Cars (Including Halftracks)

If you choose the Gunner Class You will be equiped with

-Rifle/SMG -Maybe Some grenades?

This Class Will Be the only one wich can use Cannons/Artilliry (Damn Forgot how to spell it :D) And this class will also be able to use Stedy MG's

This Class will be able to Enter

-In the Back of an Truck/Car

So Thats all of it. If you will like to add something just type a replie and as i said before This Will Surley Need An SDK but it is an good idea, rigth?




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3rd October 2003

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#2 14 years ago

uhh. no.

this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to complex for a game like this. waaaaaay to complex. you would need abour 200 people in a server for it to work right anyways.

Big Lebowski

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6th December 2003

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#3 14 years ago

yeah. no way it could work at least not in bf.