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22nd May 2007

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There is news from the forgotten hope to corner. The guys from the pixel fighters diligently make maps for our FH 0.7 community. Of which we would like to introduce today a you. The map name is Peleliu. Here, the United States fighting against Japan in the radiant blue Pacific coast. The guys are busy at tinker, test, and we find the map looks already quite good? The island has a unique bunker network in your midst. There you must blow up the one or the other door to get out or in. So I've lost me the one time or another since. These new water effects and color came. The sky moves now also dynamically. The bombers have incendiary bombs as we know them from the eve of destruction mod here. Many German cities in World War II were bombed with incendiary bombs. The effect is an enrichment and gabz cute looks. The island looks like a jungle, where the Mayans might have earlier life. I also managed the sounds. If you have maps for FH with testing or even to build interest Let's visit the Forum: Forgotten Hope Inside The guys over there would enjoy a registration and activity in the community.


Thus, you need to override the old BF1942.exe in the "origin"Games folder:

Für Origin Spieler Download

Für CD Spieler Download


If your the old BF1942.exe in the origin Games folder (origin player) or Battlefield 1942---> "Properties"---> "Compatibility" hooks for "Win98" setting---> hook "As Administrator" run set---> finished press "OK" and you're back in!

It games under origin and CD online, Windows 7 and Windows 8, got it all to the running shutdown on Windows XP installed as before the GameSpy.

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