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15th April 2004

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#1 16 years ago

I recently downloaded the Star Wars mod, passed off as Galactic Conquest or something. Amazing mod very well done. I downloaded the mod and installed, I crashed after the level had loaded to 100% everytime, so I went back and sure enough there was a patch to get as well (I don't know how I missed that), so I download the patch too and I think im good to go, NO, I realize that the patch extracts to a different folder, so I extracted the Batch file and put all the files into my GC mod folder. I enter the game and put on the GC only filter for the server searching and I noticed that it finds nothing.. I have to set it to SHOW ALL and then I have to look for the mod icon. So I find one and it crashes on me everytime, Bf1918, and DC, or Bf1942 dont do this, I was wondering WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO TO GET THIS FUCKING RAD MOD WORKING!! Any help is much appreciated, Thanks.


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10th February 2004

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#2 16 years ago


ok... un install ur GC mod and then re-install it starting with the first download u made, i think it should be version .2 that u have. once u have done that then u need 2 go and start the installation of the .3 patch, BUT when u install it make sure that it is installing to the //EAGames/BF1942/ folder, if u dont then it wont work because the file structure will get broken when u start copying and pasting it into the correct folder. lemmie know if it works or not.