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23rd December 2003

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#11 17 years ago
How about adding a civilian class? I mean these cities are pretty empty so why not add some character to it? As the civilian you get no weapons, can't capture any spawn points, and your only purpose is to run around the city and look cool. You can also pick up a kit and be a resistance fighter. Wait what were we talking about again?

Hell I wouldn't be surprised to see someone post that for real. So what would be the purpose of the "spy" class? To go behind enemy lines and kill them? That's going to go over real well considering you might get 1 kill then they'll get you. The idea is interesting, but completely irrelevant to what BF/FH is, being an action game. It's not that hard to get behind enemy lines and hide in the top of the barn and blast at guys or call in artillery. :thumbsdown: on spy class.

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