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9th October 2003

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#1 17 years ago

great mod.

played DC for ages till I stumbled across FH, and it is truly what BF1942 should have been. Not taking away from what DICE did, but this is like the FH team put the bubbles in DICE's beer....

DICE: *....finally caps last brewed bottle of wwII goodness* Hmm its missing something, no matter the budget and Team Leaders say get it on the shelves!

FH: *twist & slurp....* Hmmm i know what would finish this right off....

first of all, maps. Or more so, a flow on effect. Perhaps a series of maps following a theatre of engagement. Fight one map, next map is extension of last. Not looking for pedantic realism here, but a series of battles within a say 5 map war? Two wins consec. on both sides means back where the fight started, 5 in a row means a win to the appr. side and the battle is won. Say, push the Brits over Africa into the sea at Tobruk? Japs push allies off New Guinea?

Second idea is to provide slight bonuses for troops to -stay with armour-!!!!. Perhaps faster reloads, tighter accuracy, greater zoom, just encourgae thru subtle advantages for Rambos to stay with the armour, protect it, and everyone clump together.

Dont split your forces is a proven idea, perhaps armour could have an aura of upgrades that encourage troops to protect it.