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6th October 2003

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#1 17 years ago

There are many fun maps (Like Orel and Vaskilea) that would be great to have bots in as either space fillers or practice. These maps would be perfect for them, they're large and have plenty of open spaces.

Even if it would be impossible to do fully, I don't mind. If the bots won't leap from the plane in Crete and I have to land it/bail out for the bots to leave, or I need to capture the first point all on my own, whatever. If they slam into the trees in Orel, the city is where all the fun is anyway. Infantry have all the fun downtown.

Give all the maps varied bot waypoints to keep things interesting. The large infantry fight in the forest (Russians vs. Germans... Sorry I don't remember the name) would be made huge fun with bots running every which way. The insanity would most certainly be big fun and LAN players would thank you.

I want Crete, Orel, Atlantic, and the Aleutian Island maps the most. On Atlantic, I know it might be difficult, but I'd be a pilot most of the time anyway.