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4th November 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Currently, as good as all facial textures make the characters come off as overtly cartoonish. I (modestly of course) suggest a complete overhaul of the current three per nation, which in their present state, leaves you befuddled with regard to DICE's intentions.

For that matter, the default backdrop during map loads hints at what could be accomplished in this respect. Imagine what authentic war-ridden facial expressions would do for immersion.

I say it's an idea!

On a side note: What of weapon sounds that literally make your ears bleed? I can't stand the veritable shriek of the K98; to name but one. In this case it's either a matter of normalization vis-a-vis general game sounds or a replacement would be acutely called for (think CoD K98 here. Sweet sweet mucis to my ears).



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26th June 2003

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#2 15 years ago

Maybe a crying face for nOObs........................ but even an sdk won'tt do that lol.