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1st October 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Observations and opinions about Forgotten Hope’s first beta release. We’ve been waiting for this mod since January with great anticipation thinking it would do what the original BF missed. We understand its still an ongoing process but as things progress we know there will be a lot of refinement.

Is it supposed to be a realism mod? Like the couple other WW2 realism mods already existing. If so you might want to rethink that, it’s territory already being covered. Maybe try to split the difference between realism and BF’s.

Pros: Nearly all the new vehicles. (You can tell those which the makers were passionate about, the planes got a lot of attention.) All the new weapons. (I used to pray for the M-1 carbine as an engineer and the weapon kits make more sense.) The extra weapon kits around defendable areas. Sound. (crisp, loud and characteristic of each item) The extra positions on vehicles. ( We had 3 people in a modified Panzer 4 and were nearly unstoppable. It really promotes teamwork.) Static debris. The few premium maps. (you can tell the ones which have had the most tweaking and thought put into them). Skins and textures. Visual FX.

Cons: Bomber and torpedo payload. I know what the real loads would be but even if it were just doubled that would make it more fun. Walking that tight rope between realism and fun is tricky.

Tank speeds. Granted some only had a top speed of 35 mph but still there are tanks in the mod which barely pass running infantry which only be about 5 mph.

Turret turn speeds. I know there can be a big difference between a turret turned with a manual traverse mechanism and an electric one but some in game are a bit too slow and with too much slop. Typically those with manual ones had the most slop, meaning they kept moving even though you stopped turning.

Map quality inconsistency and mechanics. I know the maps are made by different individuals but there are vast differences in the quality. The airfield’s on some are poorly placed, nothing worst than taking off right into the “outside map” zone or straight into some trees. The map size and complexity should determine the amount of vehicles in it. The original BF maps were pretty good about that. The battle of Orel is a beautiful technical achievement but it becomes very laggy with a lot of players. There is almost 3 maps worth of material there (the woods, city and factory). Crete’s terrain is rather simple and could use rockier surfaces. I know there are a lot of versions of this floating around. It just doesn’t look very natural.

Mines loss of strength. I know mines should be driven over to explode but they also provide the only way for a single soldier to kill a tank in 1 try. Even that was hard enough. Make them like they used to be.

Complexity of ships. It was already hard to walk about a moving ship but now with all the extra gun emplacements its dizzying. Not to mention once several ships are moving at once players FPS drop like a rock. Strength of depth charges. I used 30 plus charges, sailed over top the sub hitting it which was only partially submerged dropping more charges and it still didn’t sink. It seemed as if they all only exploded on the surface.

I know there are probably hundreds of other technical problems, cockpit views, legs sticking out of belly gunner positions, howitzers floating, body thickness of a certain tank. Everyone please note these are just mine and other people’s observations/opinions. We love the mod so far and plan to download every subsequent release. I honestly wish whomever is in charge of BF would contact you guys and workout a deal to use your work for an upgrade expansion.


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27th April 2003

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#2 16 years ago

welcome to the fh forums!


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12th September 2003

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#3 16 years ago

Thing about the tightrope between fun and realism, REALISM IS FUN!!! plus the more realistic and challenging it gets the More Newbs go and play Interstate mod.

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27th April 2003

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#4 16 years ago

I can already tell that you're not playing the latest version of our mod because you mentioned the floating howitzers.

Great list but try and check out our new 0.5c and 0.5d patches, we made quite a number of changes, including reducing the FPS problems on a bunch of maps. It really plays a /lot/ smoother than it did in teh first release. Atlantic needs some more work, but I've already nailed the cause of server lag ;)

I'm not sure what you mean about rockier surfaces on Crete. (BTW I made that one) the base ground is a texture noise layer done with rock/sand/ and dry grass bitmaps, three things you often see on the ground on Crete. I thought it got a /decent/ mediteranean feel from it, and most people think that way too. I can try and get some more outcroppings though if that's what you mean. Doing them in a pain in the neck but it can be done. I'm just kinda caught up right now in Getting the new Omaha Beach done by Saturday so I can post you guys some nice shots of it :)

And I know, there are a lot of mods focusing on realism, but remember we were the first to start working in that direction. We're not going to be the ones moving out of the way because somebody else decided to do it after we started and released before we did, we're the ones with servers right now and we hope to keep it that way by improving in leaps and bounds. We'd much prefer to plow the road instead of moving out of the way. :smokin:


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30th May 2003

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#5 16 years ago

new ... omaha ... beach ... map ... :eek:

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20th October 2002

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#6 16 years ago

Omahaaaaaaaaaaa! WOOT!:dance: :drink: :beer: :flag: