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4th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Im a big aviation fan. I cant wait to see what planes are introduced as this mod advances. I also dont know anything really about modding so im not sure if this is possible 1) Different Spitfire Variants based on time period/TOO. There were a lot of different variants to this popular plane varying from ones armed completly with machine guns to ones armed completly with cannons. There was a variant with squared off wings (designed for ground support) and varying numbers of blades on the propellers (up to 5 in the later models). 2) Different Hawker Hurricane Variants, with a revised Battle of Britain Map. The Hawker Hurricane historically was responsible for more downed aircraft during the Battle of Britain than the Spitfire (which was not produced in enough quantity at that time to be fielded in enough quantity to make a huge impact on the Battle) 3) Any way to have the plains loaded correctly and still give them 1 or 2, 250-500 pound bombs? Some would have Machine Guns, Cannons and carry 1 or 2 bombs for gound attack. Rockets were also instroduced during WWII. 4) Not sure on how this is in effect allready. A .50 cal MG had some ability against tanks if fired against weaker armor. It may not nessecerily have penetrated the armor so much as breaking off fragments on the inside of the armor and sending them zooming around the interior of the tank. 5) Any planes i can get my hands on, the more the merrier. You guys are doing awesome work. if you ever need any research done on something aviation related let me know and ill see what i can find out to help you with.


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5th October 2003

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#2 16 years ago

It's possible but it takes time to make different models. :)

I'm hoping for the Hurricane in 0.6!