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1st August 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Has anyone else noticed the lack of recon ability? My idea is this...recon vehicles for, well, recon! Specially equiped armored cars & halftracks could show all enemy units within a certain radius, and be able to spot artillery. Give them minimal armament (machine gun(s)), and perhaps some degree of APC ability. Any other ideas on this?


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8th October 2003

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#2 17 years ago

That recon vehicles can spot artillery, like bg42.


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16th July 2003

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#3 17 years ago

I would like to see that ability for recon forces too.

IIRC most of the light tanks of WW2 are planned for FH. Problem is few are used for recon, most are used to scream to the other end of the map and seize a flag.

I would like to see a way of forcing the fighting to establish battle lines.

What I was thinking was to make it harder for individual troops to infilitrate to rear areas and seize flags. On the Normandie bocage map I made I pit up road barriers that would make it so a jeep or kubelwagen would have to slow way down and make a hard left then right turn all in front of a machine gun emplacement.



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2nd October 2003

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#4 17 years ago

Well, running forward and nabbing flags is, in some sense, recon (a very loose sense). And they should be used for that. Its part of the game. Ever hear of a little tactic called blitzkrieg?

I dont think artillery fire is used often enough (it needs a better targeting system) to warrent vehicals strictly for targeting purposes.

If all was wonderful, and we had an sdk, I would suggest a more effeciant and practical artillery calling system involving the minimap. Target calls for artillery, preferibly useing a radio (calls in map coordinance). The artilly then right clicks, wich brings up the map, and shows the flight path and impact of the shells (with elevation markers on one side) And perhaps a binoc veiw (an ACTUAL binoc view, not some birds eye) of the target area, as taken by the spotter. This would allow the artilly to see where they are hitting, as well as better aim their shots by seeing exactly how much to correct every shell using the map.

But thatl never happen anyways :p

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28th October 2003

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#5 17 years ago

Stopping the little 'rambo missions' that players want to do can be hard (especially if you're the only player on a team full'o'tardiness). I think slowing down the tanks, etc was a step towards battle-lines and teamplay, although people still tend to leap from their perfectly good planes behind-the-lines and comandeer enemy tanks. More effective base AA may prevent that, or tanks that you can't cammandeer if they're in an 'uncappable base' eg: the two main bases on El Al. The 'pilot class' would stop a big proportion of 'rambo paratroop' attacks as well (something which I look forwards to seeing).

Artillery is under-used in the game, and recon vehicles may help that; or, recon vehicles may be used to penetrate the back of the enemy base and steal hardware.

Unfortunately it's in human nature to go for the bigger guns first; and the person who doesn't get any tanks is likely to jump into a recon vehicle to get to other armour first.


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29th April 2003

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#6 17 years ago

One thing I wouldn't mind seeing regarding base AA defence (moreso for main bases), would be for each AA position to get control of several guns of various calibers, like on the ships, so even a single person defending will be a formidable foe for enemy planes and make them think twice before flying over.