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3rd October 2003

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#1 17 years ago

I was wondering if it is possible to change the water level during the course of play in BF to emulate a tidal effect? And/or whether it is possible to simulate a localised current? (so that a ship would have to travel at top speed to make headway against it)

These would be kool features for the Orkney's map (or any map) In any case, The Scapa Flow attack was an important propaganda victory for Germany and inspired Churchill's greatest worries about the threat of U-boats.

Since the scenario relies mostly on a surprise attack - and is a bit like the fox and hounds - I propose:

1st To keep the surprise element alive, we leave all access channels open to the harbor so that the brits have to be watching many possibilies. In real life, all but one channel had blockships sunk in them to avert just such an attack. Many of the canals were navigational challenges in themselves with strong currents and obstacles including depth restrictions. (blockships could act as nav hazards to go around) Add healthy number of destroyers & coastal batterys Of course the mighty Battleship Royal Oak - (it was sunk) Battle-cruiser Repulse - sustained 1 torpedo hit according to Prien but this was later discounted as Repulse was perported to have left Scapa two days prior. (but it might be fun to put a Battle-cruiser in anyway)

2nd In real life there was only one fox, Gunther Prien. But to keep the brits "entertained" I propose having at least 6 - 8 subs able to simultaneously set out to penetrate the brit's Scapa defenses. Maybe have a battleship to pick off the occassional destroyer that ventures too far from the protection of the harbour and shore batterys, and so the subs have a place to run for cover should they make it out of Scapa alive.