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28th May 2003

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#1 16 years ago

I really like this mod, it is bf1942 as it should have been, down to even changes to vehicle speeds. For all tanks i think they got it really good but i was wondering about the (german) sub.

Most U boats had powerfull diesel engines and had a sleek hull design and were really fast at the surface, not that much slower as a destroyer if slower at all. At periscope depth later models still ran on diesel engines being able to breath through an airpipe attached to the periscope and they only went to creeping speed while being on electric motors fully submerged.

While it won't be possible ( i think ) to have 3 speeds i think the U boat in beta 0.5 is too slow at surface speed.

No complaints on the rate of dive however, it's just how it was ;)


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3rd September 2003

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#2 16 years ago

I agree the sub moves to slow on the surface, also why arn't there positions inside the sub for when it submerges, many times I've been on deck and someone decides to submerge leaving me dead in the water or blown up on the deck guns.

Also changing the area's where you can get into the sub/cannon/gun would be nice, you'r not able to get to the machine gun at the moment.

ALSO, having sonar would be an excelent additive, they did have sonar, didn't they?

btw, as you probably know the artillery spotting doesn't work so well on all the spotting planes.

Oh and it takes way to many torpedo's to kill a battleship, something like 6-7 hits perpendicular to the hull. I'm my mind, that a few to many. Mabye 4-5, they did have anti torpedo netting, but 7 is a little much.

Another thing is when the subs run out of boom boom sticks it's be nice to reload at a ship.

Thank you for reading my suggestions