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28th September 2003

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#1 17 years ago

FH Team, you have way outdone yourself! I LOVE this mod. It adds a whole new perspective on playing BF1942, and now you have to use good tactics and team work to cap flags. I understand this is a mod in progress, and I am very, very impressed with the mod so far. There are a few balance issues that need to be addressed in the future, but overall, you guys have done a super job!

Here are a few suggestions to improve the mod:

The Tiger needs to be tweaked. The 88 is deadly and shouldn't be touched. The front & side armor is the way it should be. But the weakness of the German heavy tanks was the rear. The Tiger, along with the Panther, Tiger 2, JagdPanther, & Hunting Tiger, needs to have this weakness. As a matter of fact, I think all armored vehicles should have this weakness because it is realistic. They all should have 1 shot-1 kill for rear shots. I shot a Tiger in the rear at point blank range with a T34-85 TWICE & it didn't go boom. This is bad. It was especially bad when the Tiger turned his turret and blew me away after I scored 3 side shots and 2 rear shots at point blank range. That seriously needs to be addressed. Soviet, British, & US tanks with 75mm-76mm guns were forced to flank German heavy tanks. Even the T34-85, SU-85, & SU-100, Firefly, & M26 Pershing needed to get really close to penetrate the front armor of a German heavy tank.

The M4A3 Sherman with 76mm needs to be tweaked some. It is ponderously slow, and the movement needs to be speeded up. And the M4A3 model had hydraulic turret traverse, so the turret motion needs to be faster and stop quickly when a target is sighted. This was a major advantage over most German tanks, and one of the few that gave the M4A3 a fighting chance.

Rifles & MG's are far too accurate when fired on the move. Rifles and MG's, like the DP1928 or MG34, need to have serious recoil dispersion of rounds if fired while moving, although the rifle should be more accurate than the SMG or heavy MG. Crouching should improve accuracy for all weapons, and the prone position should be the best for all weapons, especially rifles and MG's. The MG34 & 42, BAR, DP1928, & Bren were far too powerful to fire from the standing position or while moving. Need to reflect this in the game somehow.

Normal fighters & planes like the FW190, Me-109, Spitfire, Yak-9, Ju-52, & Ju-88 need to be tweaked. As it is right now, vehicle mounted MG's & stationary MG's don't do enough damage. One good solid on-target burst by a heavy MG should do serious damage, if not destroy, any plane other than the IL-2, P-47, Typhoon, or Stuka. These planes should have reduced damage from ground fire because they were armored against ground fire.

Flak guns should do more damage to all aircraft. The closer the airburst, the more damage it should do.

Aircraft should do more damage to armored vehicle if hitting top or rear armor.

Also I've noticed (as I'm sure the design team has too) that stationary artillery pieces seem to be floating about 2 feet above the ground. These pieces also provide protection to the crewman just like it was a tank. I shot an arty crewman in the head 3 times from the rear with a rifle at point blank range with a ping of less than 30 to the server, and it didn't affect him. I tried the P38 & knife as well, & still no effect even though the guy was in the open. I dropped an ExpPack & it killed him & the arty gun. I think this should be tweaked.

Now for my wish list!!! :)

Vehicles: (I know you guys are already working on some of these.) Panther JadgPanther M26 Pershing M36 Jackson Soviet JS-2 JagdPanzer IV with L48 & L70 75mm guns Stug IV with L48 75mm gun Soviet SU-100 Soviet SU-85 Soviet SU-152 Soviet SU-122 Soviet ISU-122 Soviet ISU-152 (The ZooKeeper) German Hummel 150mm SP Artillery German Nashorn 88mm tank destroyer Stationary Pak43 88mm Anti-tank gun M3 GMC Half-track with 75mm gun ZugKraftWagen 1t with Pak38 50mm ATG (early open-topped half-track) SdKfz 251/22 half-track with Pak40 75mm ATG Soviet SU-57 Half-Track with 75mm ATG US M3 Scout Car with two .30cal LMG's

Aircraft: Soviet Po-2 light bomber German He-129 ground attack aircraft

Maps: Seelow Heights March 1945, Soviets Vs Germans (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!)** The Bridges at Gorgast & Golzow, March 1945 Soviets Vs Germans (PLEASE!!!)** **For these I can provide a basic map to the design team plus an overview of the battles Paderborn, March 1945, USA Vs Germans Villers Bocage, July 1944, British Vs Germans Hill 112 near Caen, July 1944, British Vs Germans An expanded & accurate Kursk map The Cherkassy Breakout, Winter 1944, Soviets Vs Germans

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24th September 2003

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#2 17 years ago

Hmmm...a proper kursk map would be cool, the default BF one is to small considering its supposed to be a largest tank battle of all time. Something akin to the amount of tanks seen on Aberdeen would be neat and having the centre of the map in a dip is it was in the real battle of Kursk.

The only plane I would like to sea the the Bristol Beaufighter, The Japanese called it The Whispering Death (not be confused with Whistling Death F4U Corsair)

Its an interesting plane and very succesful and not very well known considering its impact on the war.


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29th September 2003

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#3 17 years ago

kool stuf there i like to see more ships landing craft, cargo, for the new sub's in developement to hunt down a lst or lct onormay218a4.gif