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29th April 2003

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...most of which are either due to it being a Beta (I'd assume)

In the Atlantic map (played by myself before making an ass of myself online * How do you get on the Flak on the Tirpitz (?) and the cruiser..I see flak guns all over but I can't get in any, am I incompetent or are they not working yet? * The British carrier spawn points are wrong, my computer shows them as being perpendicular to the carrier and a bit north of it * Whats with the German carrier with Seafires and a Dauntless? AFAIK it doesn't have any spawn points, and it really shouldn't be there since the Germans never finished their first carrier...and it was to have navlized Stukas and Me109s not Brit planes...

In the Pacific * Where are the Wildcat, Avenger etc? I saw screenshots of them a long time back, but they aren't in game...I was looking forward to the Avenger. * The Corsair...Why did you add it in first off? It would seem coding a Wildcat would be easier since they did most of the legwork in the early Pacific. Also the model is a WIP I'm assuming? (to explain the flat leading edges and other wrong lines of it) * Still on the 'Sair - Will all three gear doors be on the final model of it? * 'Sair again - Not 100% sure, but the skin for the 'Sair looks early model...I've seen it most frequently on -1s, which have a birdcage and not framed bubble canopy. Early -1As may have had the same numbering, but late -1As and on had a solid sea blue paint scheme (important because...) * 'Sair weapons - They only could take one bomb until the -1D came out...the bombracks were originally field conversions that replaced the centerline drop tank. Finally, is it just me, or is the elevation of the Corsair's guns a little low (not passing through the crosshair)?

That said (and I haven't played anything but Pacific and FH maps), FH is a lot of fun...gotta get playing online later this week once I don't have quite as much to do. Hopefully the 'Sair will get a nicer model and be one variant (opposed to being mixed) in the next release.