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31st August 2003

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#1 16 years ago

If you'll remake stalingrad please read this suggerations:

- the russians should start in a flag in a riverside and cross the river to reach the city. (if you can put a stoped train to recreate the exit of it)

- the germans should have to had more vehicles like sdkfz. To represent the tecnology and the movility of german army. And the russians should have no vehicles to recreate the infantery hordes, and the high casualities that the russians got in Stalingrad. (You have to remember that russians have to regroup and cross the river some times)

- The german start point would have to be a little airfield, because the stukas can attack the russian boats.

The map action be like the Karelia map (but this time with the russians in the other side of the river, and the axis soldiers in the city with vehicles); and the city runes will be the trenches. Well maybe the map should have more width than Karelia.