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1st October 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Lower FW190 guns effect againts armor. At the moment its very efficient armor killer. In real life 20mm guns did not have much effect againts tanks.

Track weak points should be taken off. In some tanks when you shoot from the front the tracks are the weak point. Shooting tracks dont destroy the tank in real life.

Panzer fausts should only be in maps of later war. Late 1943 or early 1944?

Give some PzIVF2 and PzIIIJ tanks to germans in North Africa maps. At the moment *nobody* (except me :) ) is touching those rightly modelled short barreled PZIVs. They are death traps.

Dynamite destroys the tanks too far away. No man can carry explosives enough to destroy a tank from 2-10m.