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23rd February 2004

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Unfortunately the Soviet offensive in Manchuria is not a popular subject among FH players because of the unbalanced, oddly textured, Hailar map. Even though the Japanese could easily win if they knew what they were doing and the Russians would win easily if the Japanese didn't know what they were doing, I had fun. So, the problem with doing a Manchuria map is that the Japanese had very little armor (infact their pure tank birgades were too far south for fighting), while the soviets had plenty. So then I came across a place called Hutou..which is a city and a huge border fortress (the Japanese called it Kotou). What is interesting is that this fortress housed a lot of artillery..and big ones too, including a big Japanese 410mm gun which was housed in I believe this fortification. 41-4.jpg Also these battles involved a city (Hutou), a river, and artillery observation posts for artillery guns which were around or part of the fortifications. There is also a railway further west that had some 210mm railcar guns. The soviets did use tanks, but not to a huge extent because of the hilly terrain that the fortifications held. So mostly it came to Japanese artillery and infantry versus soviet artillery and infantry (also air support was important). A map like this would make use of the new underground bunkers that .6 has put in..and if a map was made of the entire area, the fortifications themselves would become a cool close combat fight to the death. In real life some observation posts changed hands 9 times! Both Japanese and Russian locked in gernade charges and close combat. Russians would have to flush Japanese out of bunkers by pouring gasoline into ventalation shafts and lighting it. Unfortunately a map created under .6 wouldn't be like it was in reality. You'd probably have to give a smidgin number of tanks to the Japanese...and since atm Japanese artillery types are lacking you'd either have to use the 75mm AA cannon, or other nation types. Not to mention how would you include a 410mm cannon in a concrete dome bunker? Still, maybe someday it is worth a shot. I encourage people reading this though to check out this link to read about the battle, the courage of both forces, and aquire a little bit of history.