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#11 17 years ago
TheWharGoulheh.. FH Rocks.. The sad part is im not much of an online player, (Im crappeh) heh. Hey at least i can admit it. So why did they take the single player out is what Id like to know. I mean, When I saw the images of the KT and IS-2 I almost creamed my self.. But after i spent some 5-6 hours trying to download the new V I find that im not able to play Single player. which In my eyes.. Really Really sucks. Cause. FH made BF1942 actualy worth playing a lot.. And at this point I probably should have posted a new thread. But Im still new on this forum and therefore was a little hesitent to post it.

They're trying to force you into meeting new people...the bastards! *lol* Nah, but seriously...why'd you wanna play a game that's so obviously made for MP games in singleplay? I mean, the game comes with bots for crying out loud! *Cries out loud* //A_Rude_Gesture

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