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9th October 2003

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#1 17 years ago

I've only started playing FH recently, but so far its pretty good. I did find 2 things however that really bugged me (or else I would never have mentioned them). 1) The crosshairs on the aircraft were changed. I don't like the new crosshairs (they cover up the target, the original ones didn't have any crosshair near the center) and would like the default one back (or an option to switch them back). Why is it that only the aircraft's crosshairs were meddled with? (IMHO, I don't think mods should screw with the basic interface elements) 2) I don't like the big blue arrow on the radar. It makes friendlys difficult to pick out in close quarters and distracting when moving fast (flying). Is there a way to change it back to gray?