Valirisk way to unbalenced, PLEASE POST SUGGESTIONS HERE... -1 reply

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29th September 2003

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#81 17 years ago

TrUlster the ISU-122 did not see service until 1944 (after Valirisk), SU-122 would be correct.

One of the difficulties with the map is the restriction on maneuver, the river effectively cuts any variations on outflanking. Including the T40 Amphibious Light tank would assist the Soviets. So would a better airfield (remove some fence) and a Red Air Force DAK. Instead of the Stuka replace it with a Ju-52/M-3.


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27th September 2003

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#82 17 years ago

ok mr.Wiking 9. You can use infintary to go in and clear out the town, but then youve got the huge ass tiger which you can shoot at and shoot at with the bazooka and it kills you befor you kill it, unless u coordinate your attack with you team so that u all attack it, but team play dont happen much on public servers.