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3rd October 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Alrighty, I just got a few suggestions to make this fantastic mod just a bit better imho. Sorry If any of these have been mentioned before, I havnt read 100% of the posts.

Vehical Damage Systems: Basicly, the more damaged your vehical gets, the crappyier it preforms. Say, below 35-25% hp on a tank, it moves slower and turret rotation is slower (I'm assuming this is possible in code because if your in a tank that has less then 0% hp, ie on fire, the turret and tracks move veeeeery slowly) For planes, your handeling goes down the crapper as the aircraft's rudder, alierons, whatever, are damaged. I also think i read somewhere that disableing tank treads with mines (making the tank a stationary turret) would be coded. I think these effects would add a nice degree of realism.

Realistic Wreckage: One thing I find really cheesy on all BF mods is how vehical wreckage is always a chared hulk. Corect me if I'm wrong, but if you whack a tank with a AT rocket, and blow a whole in its power plant, the whole damn tank doesnt explode and leave a compleatly chared blackened corpse. I think it would look alot cooler if, when a tank is destroyed, it remains relitivly in tact. Blow the turret off, add some flames and smoke to the back, have dead crew members hanging out, ect ect.

Other suggestions: Ammunition for non-frontline-combat-troops (ie, everyone but assualt and CQ) should be reduced (mainly for the rifles) German AT could have 1 pfaust, a K98, and say, 4 clips of ammo. This keeps other classes like AT and engies from turning into riflemen so eaisily. Alied/Japanese AT would be nice if they get something a little better for a backup weapon. Boost the .45 pistol damage (im sure someone couldnt take 3 or 4 .45cal slugs) or give them some kind of squirt gun like a greasegun. Even a rifle with like 2 clips. I think this would help balence out the allied and German AT (i find german AT to be quite versitile) Support/medic spawn kit. Basicly a walking ammobox. Give him an smg or something simmilar. When frendlies are near him, they get ammo. Be nice for teamwork, espicially if the ammo on all classes was lowered (like 2 rockets for zooka, 4 clips for BAR, ect ect) Parachute delay time. I'm sick of shooting down a plane, only to have the pilot survive by saving himself with his chute 2 feet from the ground. If a 2 or 3 second delay on parachutes (or a % of failure) was included, it would make air combat much more realistic. And I agree with all the weapon accuracy problems (MGs, Rifles, yadda yadda) that have been brought up before.

Thanks for readin, hope to see some nice shiny polish in the next patch

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20th October 2002

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#2 15 years ago

I like the walking ammo box idea a lot. That's what support guys should do.


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29th September 2003

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#3 15 years ago

All good ideas (apart from having only two clips for a rifle - all soldiers with a rifle had far more ammo than that. The German riflemen had webbing with six small pouches on the front of his belt. Each pouch held two five-round clips for a total of 12 clips - sixty rounds.

However, I think the other ideas will all be impossible without use of an SDK - they are not simple coding changes in .con files, but changing the way the BF1942 game engine works. Seriously heavy programming required.