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16th October 2003

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#1 17 years ago

If you'd bare with me, i'd like to give you my opinions on what i think would make this mod a great mod among so many others like it for BF1942. Personally, i think the models and maps are all above average, yet my real suggestion comes from basic gameplay and choices!

First let me get this out of the way; a lot of maps do not run well, or not at all on Co-op mode online; my brothers and i along with plenty of friends sometimes like to play this besides the clean BF1942 and other games. Guadalcanal, Kursk, Karelia are the maps that do not work as far as i know, (karelia runs really slow actually, and we all have very good computers and internet connections).

Other little things that bother me is some obvious things not too critical, but worth pointing out. The Grease Gun though equipped with a great fire rate, sound and model, seems a bit large!!! Haha, no worries, i'm sure they'll fix it. Another is the use of the widely given Enfield no.4 stock BF1942 version w/new sound and 10 bullets; i know it works fine w/ British armies involved (i.e. the 10 bullets, geez, DICE and EA should've known that already, WAIT, they are pretty crap ass at historical games...ask me bout that opinion another time, i'll back it up with ease) but when given to Russians, it should be relowerd to 5 bullets to be like the all famous Mosin Nagant, and the same for the U.S. when it "acts" as a Springfield in maps like Wake...good idea to use it like that, just change the bullet count accordingly. Which brings me on Iwo Jima...why is the No.4 (w/10 bullets a clip) used for US forces there? You took out the Carbine, added the Grease Gun, and put the Einfield in? Hmmm...my choice (The Key to all my suggestions) is the Thompson, M1 Garand (Use EA and DICE model, it has no sound bug like FH teams...the ping goes off at every shot for FH team's model), Browning Automatic Rifle, M1 Carbine, M1 Bazooka, and the very large Grease Gun (j.k).

Another thing i noticed very strange is the choice of planes in certain maps. For instance, the C47 (i think...j/k...) should just be taken out of the Operation Market Garden map...i mean you have a solid line up of British planes, just keep it at that. Also, on Gazala i think, PLEASE TAKE OUT THE ME262! Man, even a hermit in a cave for 100 years knows there were no jets in the desert! I hope that the team isn't like some of the mods out there that put things (i mean for example units) for the "good of fun and games and balancing the fight and blah blah blah arcadish stuff"...as i was told, this is a realism type mod, and honestly it would do us all good to take that out.

Apperance is important, and i think that the little pictures and text for the weapon choices are really sloppy and in some levels, Iwo Jima i think, the text is stretched and looks horrible. Desert Combat, though i don't like it as much as my brothers, does a good job at the weapon selection screen.

Finally, tanks in levels...i know; you guys did a great job at all the new units, but you don't need to place so many in levels sometimes. It forces AI to just start spawning as bazooka soldiers, really screwing up the game. Battle of the Bulge is a good example...i'd have just put 2 Tigers, 2 Panzers, 2 Stugs, and 2 Halftracks for Germans...however leave the allies with maybe 4 Shermans and 2 Priests, 1 halftrack.. I know, ITS NOT FAIR, but i maybe i just read wrong or something, but if this is really a realistic mod, it'd be very interesting to see how people play without all the tank support the Americans really didn't have in the Bulge. By the way, take out that 105mm near the windmill...sweet idea, but gets in the way of AI, doesnt have a good position....i know they Americans used them point blank like when they got attacked, but i mean, cmon on, maybe a good twist would be to give those 88s you have spawn there automatically start at the German base w/ good positioning to start as a bombardment for the US!

oh , forgot...The Soviet and Japanese map....very sketchy map in my mind, seems too hilly and really an unclean map; very straight foward and not fun. The SVT40 rifle you gave the soviets too, its model is very creamy and out of place with other clean models like the MP40...

I might add more as i remember other stuff...please; i see suggestions here that are all descent without a doubt, but noone has really questioned this aspect! I'm not complaining about damage modeling, KEEP THAT THE WAY IT IS, it is fine...or flight models, that was rediculous, i think i i've seen that posted here too...or uniforms, or new maps, or anything else...this is the stuff that i think would make this mod 10 fold better than BF1942 original.

Ah, i forgot; thank you in advance to any supporters, and anybody reading this for their time.



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16th September 2003

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#2 17 years ago

i think all those things are getting fixed



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26th June 2003

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#3 17 years ago

No c-47 in OMG, your joking right?