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12th November 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Hello, KDCS-1 here. You may remember me from such mods as Red Front, Plastic Wars, and Age of War 40,000.

I am the leader of a new mod, Battle of the Bands! In this mod, you and your 'band' or group of 'bands' start out in your garage or house. Then you proceed to grab guns, blunt objects, banjos, and fight other bands for control of Music Stores, Recording Studios, and Radio Stations. Why? Because in this mod you can PLAY MUSIC! That's right, play music!

This is a completely revolutionary new concept for a mod, and the best thing yet, it would actually work! Here's how: As you well know, when you hit #4 as an engineer, your exp pack comes out. When you right click, your detonator comes out. Now, imagine that you are holding a guitar. When you hit #1 and left click, your character strums the guitar and a low C is played. When you right click, a C# is played! Amazing! #2 would be D and D#, #3 E and F, #4 G and G#, #5 A and A#, and #6 B! Now you may be asking yourself, "What about chords?" Well, wherever theres a lead guitar, there's a rhythm guitar! The same works with well recorded chords for that guitar. Bass guitars are also included! Now finally, you ask yourself, "Man, no band is complete without a drumset!" FEAR NOT! A drumset is a vehicle you move around in position 1. Position 2 is the Bass drum sound with right click being the high hat. Position 3 is 2 toms, and 4 is 1 more tom and the splash! This game will reward not only skill in beating would-be musicians to death, but also people who can learn to play their instruments to a degree of skill.

Indeed, this new concept is completely doable, given the team.

Which is why I need: 1 Coder 1 Animator 1 Sound editor

All other positions are currently taken care of, but we would always welcome more staff. A website is currently under construction. You may finally be thinking, "Will this mod even get off the ground?". Never fear, it already is:

Damn angelfire, the link wont work. If you would like the pic of the Stratocaster guitar that we have, IM me on AIM at kdcs1. -KDCS1

Want to sign up on this great revolutionary mod? IM me on AIM at kdcs1 or e-mail me at [email][/email] (there is a _ between the soad and 887)



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15th July 2003

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#2 16 years ago

Dude that sounds pretty cool definintly orginal.


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23rd August 2004

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#3 16 years ago

Hope u good luck dude it will be hard as hell but make sure to give the sniper a gibson like the one BLS has