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23rd February 2005

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#1 14 years ago

As you well know...(hopefully) BF1918 is a BF42 mod that brings the trenches of the first world war to your PC...i and a few others have put interest into a mod that brings some of the leser known fronts of ww1 and some of the wars after ww1 to the PC as for weapons we have most of them...mainly German and British, but we also want to add the Japanese for 1 map, the siege of the German port of Tsingtau etc etc, at the moment, all we need to do is make some new German, British and French skins....a few new maps..thats it, but eventualy i hope to get a few new weapons and maybe a new nation...or 2 in the form of Japan and the USA.....please help me out here! If you are a skinner, modeler or map maker please help us bring the Russian Civil war, the lesser known battles of ww1 and many more fights to the PC! please check out this thread on the BF1918 web site (my name is Indiana Jones on the forum in BF1918): Thanks for your time! and i hope to hear some replies!