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16th November 2003

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BHDMod - Current Status.... or lack there of... Posted By: FC000 - Aug 04 2004 It is with my unfortunate duty to report to the Community that BHDMod, is now Dead in the Water. Several Staff members have left due to other commitments, and will not be returning to BHDMod to continue their work. It is with this, that we make one last request to the community to join the BHDMod staff to assist with completing the Mod. We've come a long way over the past year of Development, and we are nearing Completion. Below is a listing of what skills we need, in order to complete the Mod:

[2] UnWrappers - Must posses skills in UnWrapping Objects for Skinning in BF1942 and BFV Engines. [2] Building Skinners - Most have the ability to Fully skin Buildings for BF1942 and BFV Engines. [1] Exporter - Must have the ability to Export Objects in the BF1942 and BFV Engines with an understanding of Material IDs. [1] BFV Coder - Must have the ability to Port BF1942 Coding to BFV, and Insert Building Models in the BFV Engine.

If you posses any of these skills, email us at [email][/email].

On a lighter Note, we still have some Minor Progress, with the new M16A2 in game, Modeled and Skinned by Hellrasier.

For more information regarding the mod please visit