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#1 13 years ago

I have a problem with changing the ground textures using Battlecraft 2.1. Here is how I tried it: I created a new folder within the "TextureSets" folder of BC. I copied all the files from the "Default" folder to it. I then modified all the BMP files numbered 0-15 with my own, being careful to save them to the same format and size as the originals. By the way, they were all 65k (256-color) except for file 12.bmp (Rock Surface) which was 192k (16-million color). I found this a little odd, especially since ALL those files in the "Desert" and "Snowy" sets are 192k. I then selected my custom Texture Set from the dropdown menu and did "Generated Surface Maps" and it worked. The map worked in BF1942 but I cannot reopen the map in BC for editing again because it crashes BC. I did not alter any of the other files, which are: index.dat Palette.pal TerrainPalette.pal detail.bmp env_01.bmp env_02.bmp env_03.bmp env_04.bmp env_05.bmp env_06.bmp Any help would be appreciated.