Desert Combat Stunts Teaser Mod Problem -1 reply

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10th August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Ok people, big problem goes: I tried to code the TNT so that you can have two types of expacks. but i can't get the detonator for it to work. so i took it out of the dcstunts teaser mod, all the references to it have been removed. Now when i start it up i get this error message: error 1 pic so I added some networking files and then i get this error: error 2 pic followed by this one if i click ignore: error 3 pic If i keep pressing ignore it eventually crashes before it finishes loading. If i click retry it crashes right away. If you know what i'm missing please tell me. This is what is holding back my release of the DCStuntsTeaser mod. Once i get this fixed i can realease the mod and you guys can start playing