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#1 11 years ago

Hi. I'm new here and I need help trying to figure out what I am doing wrong with a mod I am working on. It's nothing fancy mostly weapon and vehicle adjustments for SP. At any rate, all parts of the mod work fine. I have my mod folder with an Archives folder and in that I have the menu.rfa(which works), objects.rfa(also works fine) and the sound.rfa...which is the problem. I replaced the stock weapon sounds with some of my own. they are all 44hz so the sound.rfa only has a 44hz subfolder in it. I made sure that all of the new sound files were named corectly and either stereo or mono as the file names dictated. But- when I run the game, I have no weapon sounds except that I can hear them being fired by the bots around me. Does anyone have any idea what critical detail I have overlooked here..? Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks much in advance.:confused: