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8th September 2004

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#1 16 years ago

This mod would have 2 sides one the Techno-Mages who use organic metals and magic and Mythical beasts to fight against the Iron defenders who use units and wepaons based on science and tradtional equipment. I am looking for modlers mapmakes skiners and the rest to help me make this mod come true can anyone please help me. Ideas of some of the units for the Techno-Mages: Using a Dragon as a bomber were it breaths fire instead of droping bombs, lightning Techno-Mages instead of rocket soldiers, Crystals that shoot lightning instead of anti tank guns. BioMetal fireball tanks that fire fireballs instead of shells, BioMetal troopers who have BioMetal guns formed from there hands that fire bone bullets, Biometal Armoured and armed ants as jeeps or apcs, Sea Dragon as a submarine, Giant BioMetal armed turtles as destroyers. Those are some of the ideas for the Techno-Mages. The Iron Defenders will use normal types of units slighty modified to fight with. So can anyone plz help me make this? Any coments will help too even bad ones. :cool: :deal: :feedback: