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9th November 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Ok so I was wondering if any of these things were even possible...

For a weapon can the animation after firing make it appear that the projectile came from the sky? (Like a comet)

For a weapon can the result be a frozen or stopped enemy?

For a weapon can the result be a change in gravity in the given area? Like when one sets down a shield in GC or the like but instead of a shield, that areas gravity is now changed.

Is it possible to create parts of a map that move in a pre-determined sequence? Or are all objects on a map stationary?

To what extent may the soldiers appearance be edited? Can they be made a different size or just change the outer layer?

Can any weapon fire an attack that has a lasting effect on the recipient?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated... and I may have more questions later, but I need to know some of these before I even think about attempting them.


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9th January 2005

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#2 16 years ago


#1 yes you can. But why?

#2 you cannot have just just one weapon freeze an enemy. All soldiers have the same line "ObjectTemplate.hitParalyzeTime 0.15".

#3 I don't think this will be possible until BF2. BF1942/ Vietnam maps are static.

#4 See #3. Yes, all objects are stationary.

#5 You can make new soldier models. I'm pretty sure it would be easier the editing the existing geometries, meshes, animations etc. You can edit soldiers' textures (need PhotoShop 7)

#6 I know it can be done in BF:V. They did a long life weapon in the form of a napalm bomb.

Hope that helped.