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#1 14 years ago

Hey guys, Not sure if this is the right place to ask. My friend and I play a huge amount of Desert Combat and mainly play the maps with Apache helos. We especially love Apache Assault and Kursk as we can both take control of choppers ourselves and go tank hunting! :naughty: We must have downloaded nearly a gig's worth of maps now and as there's a shortage of decent co-op maps being made, we thought we'd try our hands at modifiying some existing ones to add Apaches. Well, we failed miserably. We tried following all sorts of guides to get battlecraft working but just couldn't get the hang of it or even get it to load the maps properly. So here's my question; is there a kind soul out there who wouldn't mind opening up a few maps for us and dropping a couple of Apaches in. (or even any chopper with pilot controlled guns)? We'd especially love Co-Op versions of Omaha beach, Tobruk and Operatiion Market Garden. Cheers AsciiSmoke