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#1 12 years ago

Thought id help the new modders out there who want to start modding.. I will guide you through how to change the game so the ai will use different weapons etc.. Or even get them to fire bazooka's at airplanes.. Its important that you have "winrfa". it comes with the "Battlefield Mod development toolkit"

*Tutorial 1 - Changing the way AI uses different weapons*

Say you want the AI to fire their bazooka's at planes flying above .. Well read this tutorial. and i will show you how. Firstly extract the "Objects.rfa" to a folder and go into the folder. Browse your way to "Objects\HandWeapons" folder. Select any weapon you want. For instance we will use the Bazooka for this Tutorial.. Go into the Bazooka folder and open the AI folder. Open "Weapons.con" using notepad... it should look like this

rem *** Add Bazooka*** weaponTemplate.create BazookaRPG weaponTemplate.burst 0 weaponTemplate.indirect 0 weaponTemplate.minRange 0.0 weaponTemplate.maxRange 100.0 weaponTemplate.weaponActivate PIMenuSelect3 weaponTemplate.weaponFire PIFire weaponTemplate.setStrength Infantry 2.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength LightArmour 3.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength HeavyArmour 2.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength NavalArmour 0.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength Submarine 0.0 weaponTemplate.setStrength Air 1.0 weaponTemplate.setSoundSphereRadius 180.0

Notice how the "weaponTemplate.setStrength Air 1.0" is very low. This means that the ai will hardly ever use the bazooka against any planes.. But we want them to.. SO we change the 1.0 to say 20.0, Doing this will mean they will ALWAYS attack aircraft with the bazooka... We also want to increase the "Max Range" to say 400 as this gives them time from when they see the plane. untill when they fire.. Now your saying the bazooka isnt powerfull enough to reach a plane fast, before it flys over head right? Well keep reading and ill show you how to make it faster.. Go back into the Bazooka Folder and locate "objects.con" open it and scroll down untill you see Rem *** Deviation Begin ***** Just under this should be "Velocity 50".. now this isnt very powerfull.. its auctually the standard velocity.. So lets change it to.. say 200.. This is plenty powerfull.. You can make it any number you want... the heigher the number the faster it will go...

Do the same for the Panzershreck and save it repack the files into "objects.rfa" and run bf1942... And there you go.. Thats how you get the AI too shot down Planes using their bazooka's/Panzershreck's