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#1 13 years ago

:beer: why dont u make a modification of a war between pakistan v.s india . it will have a perfect storyline. america and china supplies weapons and vehicles and planes to pakistan. and russia and america supply weapon , vehicles and planes to india. now america and china are enemy and as well as russia is also enemy to america. so this could lead to world war 3. and remember china and russia are friends. so why dont they combine and fight with america. even pakistan and india are also nuclear weapon countries. pakistan is fully prepared to defend and india are assaulting pakistan. kashmir is what the two sides have to capture? the american forces come from afghanistan which have 1 900km boder with pakistan. and china come from north and have a border with pakistan only 400km . :smokin: SO PACK YOUR BAGS, RELOAD YOUR WEAPONS,AND PREPARE FOR SOME REAL ACTION.:cool:


I didn't make it!

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#2 13 years ago

and also remember . PAKISTAN AND CHINA are best FRIENDS. hey also have an agreement of free trade. there is a new plane known as JF-17. this plane is build jointly by PKAISTAN AND CHINA. pakistan will start manufacturing this plane by the end of 2008. JF-17 is known as SUPER1 in CHINA and it is known as JOINT FIGHTER 17 in PAKISTAN. see the PIC BELOW. goto my website


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This is a double post and in the wrong forum. This one is closed and other post will be moved to BF2 forum.