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25th May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

I recently started a project to "Add on" to parallel world, by doing some things... first off, by helping create "Expansion packs" for both of the BF1942 packs (these are called, prominately "Parallel world for SW", and Parallel world for RTR. So far its been successful putting parallel world objects into SW maps and making it so you still need both PW AND SW to make it work... but I'd like some more to be done with it (Especially the PW for SW version)... I'd like for the Parallel world for secret weapons version to have its own unique "Secret weapons" heres what I mean: Heres a few changes I'd like to do to that spidertiger... Triplespider: This Enhanced version of the Spidertiger would be a sort of Double-edged sword: It Gains an Additional Gun on its turrent (In between the two others), totalling THREE guns on its turrents, But it'd lose both its Rear gunner, and its booster ability. however it still fires at the same rate, and now has more firepower to deal with those nasty Stumtigers and T95s... OR Strumspider: German Scientists, thrilled at the success of the Spidertiger and the Strumtiger... Finally got the right idea and decided to Merge the two into the latest spider... the "STRUMSPIDER" .. A heavily armored beast boasting not one, but TWO naval guns on it.. However, it has its drawbacks... no booster, no gunner, and its WAAAY slower now. however, the sheer firepower and the fact that its gun rotates in a 360 degree circle well outweighs this fact in thier opinion... but you'll have to be the judge of that. and heres an ideas on a AA version of the spider: Flakspider With an ever increasing Aerial Threat, the science team threw together this bugger in a hurry... the Flakspider. Inspired by the Flakpanzer, the spider version carrys two such turrents, but like with all the other spider mods, it looses both its rearside gunner and its booster capabilty... plus now the driver has no way to defend his/herself from a ground attack. As for the Senkeoka... SenkoushaIIC With all the new SPider refits, the Allied science teams were quick to refit thier existing Senkoushas with new technology. the SenkoushaIIC still posseses its lethal guns and abilitys, but now has even MORE guns to boot. Seeing how its drill quickly became obsolete, It was replaced with Two Tank guns on both arms... also, a second MG is added on its eye, so now it shoots out of both eyes... making it more effective against aircraft. All in all its far more prepared to deal with those Strumtigers... not to mention the rumored Spidertiger refits. Anyone interested in coding this? I'd do this myself, but I'm very very bad at coding... don't worry though, I can stilll do mapping. :)