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13th October 2003

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[size=8]Operation Downfall[/size]

A BF1942 Modification

March, 1946: After a 3 month winter furlough, the soldiers of the U.S. military pack their bags and head back out to the Pacific. Back in Washington D.C., newly appointed President Truman calls for a meeting with his closest advisors. During this meeting, a discussion is formed on what is the appriopriate action to take against Japan? Unfortuantly, he is told that the Manhatten Project has ran behind scheduele, and the atomic bomb should be available by September of that year. He is also told that "The" invasion force is ready. Unwilling to drag the war on any longer, Truman gives the O.K. to go ahead with Operation Downfall, the invasion of Japan.

May, 1946: Soldiers, sailors and airmen of the Allied invasion force sit off the coast of Japan, waiting for the final order to launch the invasion. On the beaches, Japanese soldiers rise from their bunkers and trenches after a 72-continuous hour pre-bombardment. The citizens of Japan take up arms, and vow to protect, and die if necessary, and repell the invading army. The last great invasion is about to begin...

Operation Downfall is a mod I came up with after watching the History Channel after school when I should have been doing my homework. Anyway, Operation Downfall was to be the invasion of the Japanese mainland. Over 1 million Allied soldiers were expected to die during the 18 month campaign, and over 70% of the Japanese population were to become casualities as well. It would have been the largest blood bath ever waged in history.

I chose this idea because:

1.) It provides me almost unlimited amount of imagination I can use to develop maps, weapons, etc. 2.) It's a huge invasion, and what's cooler than that?

Well, this mod will eventually consist of 4 different countries: U.S.A., Britain, U.S.S.R., and of course Japan. But for now, the U.S.A. and Japan will do just fine. The U.S. will consist of the U.S. Army (specifically 8th Corps), the Marine Corps, and the 11th Airborne Division. Japan will basically consist of the Imperial Japanese Army.

I plan to bring in some new weapons into this mod including jet fighters, cluster shells, suicide weapons (Japanese only... duh!), and many more.

Maps will stretch from Tokyo, oil reserves, the would be Pontiac Beach (many referred to it as what would have been Omaha Beach x10), bombarded cities, rice paddy fields, etc.

Well, obviously this is a new mod. And unfortunatly, I can only map, web design to an extent, and skin for BF1942. I know I cant do much, but I'm willing to work for this mod until everything is finished. I know this would make a sweet mod, and I know some of you people reading this think it would sweet too. I got nothin but high hopes for this mod. I will work my ass off to make it happen, and hopefully, thats enough to get you to help me out. This is basically who/what I need:

2 Modelers (Gotta be able to UV unwrap) 2 Skinners (Gotta be able to UV unwrap) 2 Coders 1 Mapper 1 Web Master 1 Sound guy

People, I seriously want this mod to happen. Like I said before, I will work my ass off to make this a mod, but I cant do it alone. I need a team. A dedicated team. I need people who want to make this an awsome mod. Not somebody who only does work on the weekends. However, I am a student myself, and I know the stresses of school, homework, friends, etc. I'm willing to be leanient (Is that how you spell it?).

Well, if any of you want to help me out, please contact me at:

E-mail: [email]anyamerikan@comcast.net[/email] AIM: AnyAmerikan MSN: [email]anyamerikan@comcast.net[/email]

Well, I hope to hear from some of you soon!

-Medik Smokey