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20th July 2006

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#1 13 years ago

I am looking for someone to[COLOR=red] make[/COLOR] or [COLOR=red]inform[/COLOR] me of an operation Downfall mod. Operation Downfall was the planned invasion of Japan starting in late 1945-1946. Post Replies Here (http://forums.filefront.com/showthread.php?t=266225):deal: Operation_Downfall_-_Map.jpg map outlining the Japanese and U.S. (but not other Allied) ground forces scheduled to take part in the battle for [COLOR=black]Japan. Two landings were planned: (1) Olympic — the invasion of the southern island, [/COLOR][COLOR=black]Kyushu[/COLOR][COLOR=black], (2) Coronet — the invasion of the main island, [/COLOR][COLOR=black]Honshu[/COLOR][COLOR=black].[/COLOR]

It was divided into 2 parts

Operation Olympic, the invasion of Kyushu, was to begin on "X-Day", which was scheduled for [COLOR=black]November 1[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=black]1945[/COLOR] Operation_Olympic.jpg

Operation [COLOR=black]Coronet, the invasion of [/COLOR][COLOR=black]Honshu[/COLOR][COLOR=black] at the Tokyo Plain south of the capital, was to begin on "Y-Day", which was scheduled for [/COLOR][COLOR=black]March 1[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=black]1946[/COLOR][COLOR=black].[/COLOR] Operation_Coronet.jpg

More info @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_downfall

[SIZE=-1]Death ray "Ku-Go"[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Use the high power microwave made to occur in the magnetron[/SIZE]

ki94-1.JPG Tachikawa Ki-94-I Experimental Hi Altitude IntercepterLength : 13.05m Wing Span: 15.00m Hight : 3.85m Wing Area : 37 Square Meter All-Up Weight : 8,800 - 9,400Kg Engine : Mitsubishi Ha211-Ru (2,200hp) X 2 Max Speed : 780Km/h Service Ceiling : 14,000m Crew : 1 Armament : 30mm Ho155 Machine Gun X 2, 37mm Ho204 Cannon X 1 50Kg Bomb X 2 j8m1.jpg Mitsubishi J8M1/ Ki-200 "Shusui" Experimental Rocket IntercepterLength : 6.05m Wing Span: 9.50m Hight : 2.70m Wing Area : 17.73 Square Meter All-Up Weight : 3,000Kg Empty Weight : 1,445Kg Main Engine : Mitsubishi KR10 (Tokuro-2) Rocket (1,500Kg) X 1 Max Speed : 800Km/h Cruise Speed : 347Km/h Duration of Flight : 2.5Minutes (700Km/h) Crew : 1 Armament : 30mm Ho155-II Machine Gun X 2 ki201.JPG Nakajima Ki-201 "Karyu" Experimental Jet Intercepter / AttackerLength : 11.50m Wing Span: 13.70m Hight : 4.05m Wing Area : 25.0 Square Meter All-Up Weight : 7,000Kg Empty Weight : 4,500Kg Engine : Ishikawajima Ne-130 Turbojet (908Kg) X 2 or Nakajima Ne-230 Turbojet (885Kg) X 2 Max Speed : 852Km/h (Ne-130) , 812Km/h (Ne-230) Range : 980Km Service Ceiling : 12,000m+ Crew : 1 Armament : 30mm Ho155-II Machine Gun X 2 or 20mm Ho5 Machine Gun X 2 (For Navy) 30mm Type5 Machine Gun X 2 or 20mm Type99 Machine Gun X 2 (For Army) 800Kg or 500Kg Bomb X 1 j7w1.JPG Kyushu J7W1 "Shinden" IntercepterLength : 9.76m Wing Span: 11.11m Hight : 3.92m Wing Area : 20.5 Square Meter All-Up Weight : 4,950Kg Empty Weight : 3,525Kg Main Engine : Mitsubishi Ha43 Model 42 (1,660hp) X 1 Max Speed : 750Km/h Cruise Speed : 444Km/h Service Ceiling : 12,000m Crew : 1 Armament : 30mm Machine Gun X 4 Bomb : 60Kg X 4 or 30Kg X 4 shinryu2.jpg Mizuno "Sinryu" Type 2 Rocket IntercepterMain Engine : Tokuro-1 Type 2 Rocket (150Kg) X 2 Duration of Flight : 30 Sec Crew : 1 Armament : Rocket X 8